Sunday, December 28, 2014

Global growth of Huawei's Emotion UI continues following release of Honor 6 in Germany

At midnight Beijing time on October 29, the Huawei Honor 6 with its brand new Emotion UI was formally launched onto the German market at a launch event in Berlin. This coincided with the phone's launch in 14 European countries, retailing from €299.99. Since the launch of the Honor 6 in China over 2 million units have been sold, and the phone has also gone on sale in other Asian countries and markets. The release of the Honor 6 in the European market - known for its stringent standards and requirements - is another landmark in the development of Huawei's Honor brand. 

The Honor brand is also the first Chinese brand to expand into overseas markets using a large-scale C2B Internet business model.

The president of Huawei Honor Liu Jiangfeng at the launch event

The rapid growth of the Honor 6 and its success in China and overseas can be attributed to its outstanding user experience - an experience that can be appreciated by all mobile phone users worldwide. EMUI - short for "Emotion UI" - is based on emotions and puts the needs of users first. 

This enables Huawei to provide users across the world with an enhanced and more convenient service and experience. Huawei's user-oriented approach is also driving the global growth of the Honor 6 and EMUI. The figures in the image below show how EMUI's impressive user experience is helping to promote the Honor brand and has enabled it to maintain stable growth in global markets.

With its exciting user interface, EMUI is striving to create an outstanding user experience. The phone model is unrivalled in many aspects, such as its visual effects, functionality and smooth user experience.

User experience can be split into two components –exterior and interior. The exterior element refers to the appearance of the user interface, whereas the interior element relates to the smoothness of user experience. 

Huawei's engineers have breathed new life into the Honor brand following the release of the intuitive EMUI user interface and the Honor 6's innovative design. This marks an important step in the development of Chinese phones.

In the wake of EMUI's increasing exposure in the global market, EMUI 3.0 has now developed into one of Huawei's main selling points. Stringent tests are carried out on all new EMUI features to ensure an outstanding user experience and a user interface suitable for all types of users worldwide. 

This user-oriented interface includes many innovative features such as the easy-to-use cloud functions, providing users with a quicker and more efficient user experience. Since its release, the number of users has reached almost 30 million, with users spread across many regions worldwide. EMUI's growth in overseas markets is set to continue to accelerate in the coming months and years.

User experience is a universal concept that can be appreciated by all users worldwide. Huawei has always believed in exporting its brand overseas, evident from its success in the global market and its enterprising spirit. By focusing on user experience and the development of its EMUI interface, Huawei has breathed new life into its phones – each individual change is done to perfection and has the potential to radically alter the way we use phones. 

The latest version of EMUI focuses on the user down to every last detail - features such as Buddy Help, Lazy Mode and Smart FAQs ensure that every user can get the information they need and make for a perfect user experience throughout. The EMUI interface brings the Honor 6 to life - turning it into a phone with true emotions.

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