Friday, April 19, 2013

Emotion UI 1.5 with JellyBean 4.1 ready for upgrade for Huawei Ascend P1

We are releasing the first beta release for Emotion UI 1.5 on Jellybean for all your Ascend P1 devices across the countries in the globe. The upgrade comes with the following features:
Integrated Jellybean 4.1.1:  Jelly Bean not only made android run smoother than ever before but make the OS truly smarter with improved notifications area and offline voice-to-text support features.
Google Now:  Yes! This upgrade had Google Now feature with which information comes to you before you even realize you need it. Your device learns your habits, interests and so on, and then offer up relevant traffic, weather and point-of-interest information just before time.

New Music player Attractive UI:  Music not only will please your ears but will also please your eyes with very interesting & appealing UI designs.

Better Camera:  Double-click on viewfinder to focus and capture any beautiful picture shot. Hardware”Volume up” key is supported to take pictures & video recording. You can also pause & continue re-shooting.
Expandable Notification bar:  The notification bar can do more than ever. You have an option to disable notification for particular Applications. It can now expand, to show you a portion of your inbox, rather than just the number of emails waiting for you.
Better Contacts application:  Contact application is an integrated experience where it’s going to be easy to access your call logs, dialer & contacts.
More themes + downloads from Emotion UI website: You can download more themes from our websites.
Integrated world clock, stop watch and timer with best visual effects.
Lock screens:  Get quick access to the most required application by customizing your lock screen.  Change the complete look and feel where in one look you can get to see number of missed calls and unread messages.
Settings:  More frequently used settings are listed in general settings and you have easy controls for all the settings.
* Declaration
Some Know issues with this build:
  • Power consumption is slightly higher compared to that of ICS
  • Dolby sound quality is not to its best, however it will be optimized in the next release
  • FM Radio is not available in this upgrade
  • HDMI is not supported
Why wait…
Download the upgrade from the below link & follow the steps mentioned in User Guide.
Click to Download
We would love to hear your feedback & reviews after the upgrade so do write to us at  and for more updates please follow us on facebook.