Monday, February 18, 2013

Emotion UI Trial Patch

Intended Users:

Only for the users who have upgraded to U9200-EM-UMTS-V100R00G403B130104RUSD00SDV02SP01, from the versions other than,
U9200-1 V100R001RUSC10B101, 
U9200-1 V100R001RUSC10B102 and 
U9200-1 V100R001RUSC10B103.

Patch Details:

If you have performed an upgrade from versions other than Russia region versions(mentioned in the previous section), download this patch and flash it on your device. This patch will ensure proper working of your device functions.

Upgrade Steps:

1. Download the patch from following link, Click here to download the Patch.
2. Downloaded file is a .rar file. Unrar it.
3. Patch file name is "UPDATE.APP" and is of size 960 KB.
4. Ensure that Micro SD card is inserted properly into your U9200 and has a free space of more than 1 MB. Create a folder with name "dload" in your SD card.
5. Copy the downloaded file; "UPDATE.APP", into the new folder (./dload). 
6. From your device home-screen,  go to Settings-->About phone-->System Updates-->Update via SD card to start the flashing.
7. Wait for few minutes, the phone will reboot.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Huawei Emotion UI 1.0 for Ascend P1

(Pilot version release for Global Market)

We are happy to announce the pilot version of Emotion UI 1.0 for Ascend P1, super thin device powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core processor.

This version is a beta version and currently available only for Russia region devices. The support for other markets will be available shortly.

User's can download this version from following link, Click here to download Ascend P1-Emotion UI 1.0

This firmware has enhanced the ICS simplicity into new levels by fusing it with Huawei’s Emotion UI.  It contains Google's  GMS package and has passed the Google's Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)

Interesting features:

The Emotion UI excels across three core pillars: UniHome, Intelligent Profiles, and Smart Tutorial.

"UniHome" puts everything in the same canvas. It provides new "Smart Widgets", which can be redesigned as per users choice. 

The firmware has five pre-loaded themes and a large number of downloadable themes from web stores.

Emotion UI enables to change the device theme to suit users personal needs.  User can decide the Home screen  appearance, Icon style, Message display, Contact screens, Text fonts etc... It also allows users to create new themes.

Home screen  has "Easy folders", which allows users to group applications into specific folders.  

Intuitive "Profile switcher", Smart notification bars etc., enables easy control  of the device. Emotion UI improves usability by providing  much simpler navigation options. 

The software provides plenty of contextual help and help centers to accommodate normal users. 

As of now you can post your queries and issues  in Emotion UI Facebook Page.  We are more than happy to support you,  if you face any problems.