Friday, March 29, 2013

Update Ascend P1 with Huawei Emotion UI 1.0 to experience personalizing your phone

It’s time to update your Huawei Ascend P1 with the pilot version of Emotion UI 1.0 releasing today to experience an awesome visual and touch experience on your phone.
To download this version, click here.
Before starting with the upgrade don’t forget to backup your data.
To have a look at the quick video tutorial on how to follow all the upgrading steps click here
This being a beta version is currently available only for Europe region devices. We will be glad to extend the support to other markets shortly.
Emotion UI 1.0 is Google CTS certified and the update comes with enhanced user experience on Android Ice cream version to let you customize and personalize your touch screens.
Some of the best features to look forward with this update are as follows:
Manage applications with ease:
Emotion UI gives you flexibility to choose how you want your home screen to look and function. You can move, arrange, install and uninstall any application from the home screen directly. With "Easy folders" you can group application into specific folders.

Personalize your device:
You can personalize device themes to suite your personal needs. Decide the Home Screen appearance, Icon style, Message display layouts, contacts screens, text fonts, and so on "Me Widget" is a folder of grouped widgets that you can customize and move as a single unit, providing quick access to favorite contacts, photo galleries, or music player.
Easy control of the device:
While you are in a meeting or driving you need not worry about setting your phone on vibration mode or switching off data services. With "Profile switcher" you can easily control most of the settings by selecting the required profile on the device.
Making the device feel great:
Emotion UI improves usability by not only providing much simpler navigation options, but also various fascinating eye candy animations. It provides five pre-loaded themes and a large number of downloadable themes from web stores which will enrich the look and feel of your screen

Smart Tutorial:
We understand that not everyone is tech-savvy and even the most basic operation in the UI cannot be taken for granted. Therefore, we have a smart tutorial - which is a comprehensive assistance to help you perform any operation quicker and enjoy all the cool features on your phone.
Support Center:
Do follow all the steps to update the phone with Emotion UI 1.0 as mentioned in the user manual . Do not worry if you need help, as you will be provided with complete maintenance support for this version.

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  1. I have version U9200-1V100R001C185B104 Will this work?

  2. Is it available for France too?

  3. tanta esperar la version 4.1 jelly bean y lo unico que llegara es un actualizacion de la interfas ,,, huawei es una falta de respeto por los usuarios ... ,no comprare mas telefonos de esta marca -,

  4. This is great. Thank you for sharing. User Experience Design is hard.

  5. It's can use for Huawei Ascend P1 XL (U9200E)

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  7. when i change my theme my mewidget doesnt change the way it should be,,,why?is there something wrong with my device?or the way i update it?

  8. Upgraded my P1 U9200 with B336 but all sound settings are gone. I can't receive a call or hear the caller speak. please help.