Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Emotion UI 1.6 features in Ascend P6

Make Ascend P6 truly yours with the below Emotion UI features:
Express yourself:

Simply drag and drop to arrange all your favorite apps for instant access. Whether it's music, weather, contacts, clock or gallery - it's completely up to you.


Sleek doesn't mean boring. Stick with the 4 preloaded themes or expand your collection from the hundreds available online. Every theme comes with animated transitions, wallpaper, icons and more - for complete personalization


Turn up the volume in Outdoor mode or switch to discreet Meeting mode. With 5 predefined profiles, your phone adapts to your lifestyle.
Normal, Meeting, Driving etc

Power Feature:

Instantly share your images, music, videos, and more with multiple devices including a friend's phone, or the TV with MediaQ. Simply tap and flick to wirelessly transfer data from device to device*. You can even use the Ascend P6 as your TV remote.
* Function of sharing content to several devices is planned to be preloaded in P6 by September.

Sophisticated yet sensitive, the Ascend P6's Magic Touch feature lets you use your phone while wearing gloves – keeping you warm and in touch.


Need to translate or look up a word? No problem, simply tap the word to highlight and let the Ascend P6's Smart Reading feature demonstrate its prowess.


Save up to 30% of your phones battery life with the smart 3-level – chip, hardware, and software – power-saving mechanism. You can switch off apps that run in the background when you are not using them - giving you more power without sacrifice.

Personal Security:
Don't get bombarded with annoying spam from apps you barely use. With the Ascend P6 you only have to receive push messages and notifications from apps you've approve - reducing the stress of spam notification overload.


Access online content safely, securely, and even faster than before when you allow access to available Wifi networks.
Watch the below video to know more of the Emotion UI features introduced in Ascend P6:


  1. Hi,

    Hundread of theme... but where are they?? My Huawei Ascend P6 only have 5 themes and I can't download any more.

    1. I have 5 themes also, Where are the themes Huawei??


      A tutorial in french to install a theme. You can translate it with google chrome. ;)



    It's here!

    1. Update your phone in system update if you don't update your phone it will not work after update go to theme application on top go to online 1000 of themes in their what you like dawnload it thanks my was have 5 themes but after upgrading my phone themes was coming

  3. Hello,

    It seems very good. When will it be available on the ascend P1 as promised by Richard Yu on may ? Because I've installed the beta version of JB4.1 + EMUI 1.5 and it's great but the few issues are a problem (power consomption, dolby, radio tuner, mhl/hdmi). You were talking about of a next release which will be more efficient and I'm so impatient. Just give us an idea of the time we'll have to wait or if it is cancelled. I come here everyday and I don't want to hope for nothing. Thank you for your work.

  4. Hello,

    I have bought Ascend P6 last week. My question is that it says here that the phone has 5 predefined profiles.
    (Meeting, Normal, sleeping, Outdoor and Driving) But i have only 4. Driving Profile is not there. How to get it?

  5. I LOVE the permission manager on Emotion UI / P6. Is that a generic feature of EUI 1.6, that will also make it's way to the P1 one day?

    One question re permission manager: Today it popped up that the app "SomNote" was requesting access to my contacts - but according to play store and installation the app does NOT request such permission.

    Any idea what was happening here?
    I would expect that no app is able to request rights that were not granted during installation... what would have happened on a "normal" android system (for example on my P1 with ICS / no EMUI)?

  6. And what about just change the clogenabled="true" in "false" in the gpsconfig.xml in JB+EMUI B315 for P1 ? A few seconds for a programmer and a usable rom for us... Your release is, for the moment not usable (internal memory full in a few day when using gps!). Be serious. Or explain us how to root this build to repair it ourselves.

    I hope this is fixed on the P6...

  7. When is the site of ui emoticon out new themes for huawei ascend p6?

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